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Hair extension is a dream for the women of this century for whom possessing long hair is a distant dream. From the time they are introduced in the fashion industry through the celebrities, the trend for extensions has spread like wildfire within the society. Irrespective of their age, color and religion, women from different cultures have started using these extensions for formal and informal occasions. You might be satisfied with the modification of hair extension have delivered to your look. But, if wish to sustain that look for a longer period, it really is essential to maintain them when you are not putting them on. If proper care isn't drawn in their storage, they could eventually lose their charm.

Seamless Extensions Do's & Don'ts


  • - Before shampooing hair, brush to separate extensions
  • - Massage a small amount of shampoo in the direction of natural hair growth
  • - Wet hair and work shampoo in the direction of natural hair growth
  • - DO NOT use volumizing or clarifying shampoos! This will open the cuticle layer and cause matting. NO NOIXCIN SHAMPOO!!!  No oil treatments at the tape!!! Oil is the culprit! It can break down the tape
  • - Rinse out shampoo
  • - Apply conditioner AWAY FROM THE TAPE. Rinse conditioner
  • - Towel dry - pat, DO NOT RUB! apply a leave-in conditioner (away from the tape)
  • - It is important to DEEP condition your hair at least 1 time a week with a salon grade product.


  • - Blow dry hair using your hands until 90% dry. Use a 100% boar bristle/nylon brush or wet brush
  • - When flat ironing or using a curling rod, us a thermal protector. Keep away from tape. Heat can compromise the integrity of the tape.
  • - Mousse and other smoothing products are OK to use!
  • - Use alcohol-free products
  • - Brush your hair periodically throughout the day


  • - Pull hair into a braid or ponytail
  • - Always shampoo and condition afterward


  • - Never sleep with your hair wet

Other Information:

  • - Simply Fresh dry shampoo is MANDITORY! If the tape becomes slightly sticky, shake a small amount on top and bottom of the tape.
  • - Proper care is essential to maintain the integrity and longevity of the extensions.




Hair extension maintenance consists of a few steps, which may have to be followed regularly for providing a lengthier life to your extensions. Moreover, it is usually an improved idea to make use of specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to completely clean your extensions that are readily available in beauty stores. Once you've cleaned them, let the hair extension dry completely so the moisture fades away. If they are not completely dry out, then moist strands may stick together and attract a lot of dust and dirt. You may want to avoid this as it can also create unnecessary tangles on the list of strands, resulting in breakage. So, the simplest way to dry them is to fix these to a coat hanger and then leave them in a moisture free environment. Sometimes, if the extensions are dried up incorrectly, they could produce an unpleasant odor. For those hair extension which is often easily attached and removed just like the clip-in extensions and feather hair extensions, washing and drying them separately is a good option. So take appropriate care while you are drying them out.

Once the hair extension becomes dry, store them inside a plastic container. The container should completely be covered even if they may be down flat in the container. And, like a lot of your foods, maintain the container far from sunlight. So, wardrobes and drawers may be the best places to store your extensions, keeping them down flat and saving your floor area. Proper storage of the hair extension will make sure which they don't smell bad and turn into fresh for an extended period. Keeping them away from sunlight can help them retain their color a bit longer. So just follow these easy steps as well as your extensions are sure to possess a longer and healthier life.