Product Description

Our Ultra Seamless Hair Extensions are available in Silky Straight, Body Wave and French Refine Curly. We have 13 fabulous colors of Seamless Hair Extensions to choose from as well.

Simply Extensions Silky Straight are ideal for those who desire a sleek, straight look. The straight 100% human all natural seamless hair extensions holds a gorgeous curl and has a natural bend if dried naturally. It is very low maintenance style that can also be curled for more body and for a different look. It is ideal for those people who do not have much body in their hair.

Simply Extensions Body Wave gives your hair that great roller set look. The waves loosen and straighten upon washing. You can also flat iron this gorgeous wave into straight and it will remain until you wash it, and then the seamless hair extensions hair will return back to its natural body wave state.

Simply Extensions French Refine Curly hair has a much tighter curl that works and looks amazing on women with curly hair.

Our Simply Extensions seamless hair extensions line was created solely for need to reduce the application time and the harmful damage that other bonded hair extensions systems cause. Simply Extensions seamless hair extensions requires no tools and no heat. Other systems require: weaving, braiding, and/or hot gluing (which melts hair into your own hair), clamping, thousands of beads and bumps type systems. Our SAFE and no “DAMAGE” seamless hair extensions application system is supported from both the top and bottom of the hair which thus eliminating any stress on the hair due to pulling or knotting. Simply Extensions Hair Extensions is a product that is weightless in the hair and is damage free but most importantly,,, it’s a Healthy Hair Damage Free Solution that does not tangle, matte up and lasts up to 10weeks before having to remove and reapply.

What sets Simply Extensions Seamless Hair Extensions above the rest?

Lasts up to 10 weeks without having to replace them
30 minute application time
20 minute removal (shampoo them out)
No Tangling or Matting of the hair
System is Re-usable